analytics strategy

In a sea of countless data and information, it can be a challenge to find out which road ahead makes the most sense. We help you ask yourself the right questions and get answers to them.

From determining your big-picture vision like “where do I want my company to be?” to the hands-on questions like “which data are we dealing with?” and “what infrastructures need to be set in place in order to fulfill our long-term goal?”. Setting up a long-term plan we think big, and after that, we help you fulfill your vision one step at a time. 

analytics technical support

Sometimes small technical issues cause large challenges. A data load or planning template that fails within the month-end process can be very frustrating. From a review of your data models to ensuring your loads don’t you need to have competent people around you for assistance and guidance. Whether you need it because of the holiday season or just a busy period, we can assist you.  





sap analytics Implementation

At Innologic we support you during the entire lifecycle of your SAP analytics implementation project. That being from: Defining and analyzing requirements for the analytics solution towards solution design, testing, user adoption, and business-friendly user documentation.

During each phase of the implementation, our development is managed carefully and in compliance with your company’s guidelines and policies. 

Forecasting & planning

To be able to plan for the future is essential. process needs to be done effectively and based on the right data.

Planning is when you leap from classic as-is analytics and envision different possible scenarios for the future. You need a robust infrastructure and experts who can bridge IT and business.



Analytics is, in the end, supported and lifted by people. If your people are not ready for the technological change you need to go through, then the solution will not thrive.

We act as experts and can guide your employees through a smooth transition in the world of data. No matter what experience level is needed, we tailor specific training sessions, whether it is train-the-trainer sessions or enablers for self-service.