writeback from SAC to BW

SAP has made it possible to do a writeback from SAC to BW in an easy way! Watch the video below to see how.

Back in February we made an enhancement requests to SAP, which was about improving the export options from SAC to on prem BW, so you didn’t have to use flat files.

What you had to do back then was you export your data from SAC to Excel. After that you had to take your Excel document or workbook, log in to the data warehouse system and then upload your excel sheet.

The issue was that it was an extremely inconvenient way of doing it, because you had to upload all the data manually. With large quantities of data, that could very easily take a long time. Based on this we made the improvement request to SAP.

Our request was about being able to do in a more automatic way using a different integration. Fortunately, SAP listened and thought it was a good idea. They then made a change to the product, what was funny was that it wasn’t a change to SAC which we expected but a change to BW. This would allow the data warehouse to be ready to receive data in a new and smarter way.