SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is trending! Social media overflows with mentions of SAC, and at Innologic we can see it in the projects we are working on with our customers.

But we must not forget the tools that brought us here – and which still create value in many SAP companies. For example, Business Objects (BO) is still an important player when it comes to reporting. It is a program with many years behind it and a wide range of tools. BW also still solves many reporting tasks.

If you as a customer currently have BO and / or BW, it can be difficult to see exactly where you stand in relation to boarding the SAC train; can current features be reused?

To help you with your considerations, we at Innologic have made a generic roadmap for you, which you can use as a starting point in your further work.

BO to SAC: Migration

With SAC you can create a modern look and feel in your reports. This can be seen in the ways you can turn your data into more beautiful visual stories. This can also be felt in the user experience, as dashboards are also aesthetic and easy to navigate. This makes SAC accessible to users who do not have an equally extensive experience in Analytics. Questions about licensing are also important to keep in mind here.

At the same time, you can use SAC’s easily accessible solution for Predictive Analytics; with point-and-click, you can perform regression, classification, and time series analyzes.

You can watch our Predictive webinar or our SAC planning webinar series, and even try it out with a free trial at SAC.


From BW to BO

If you are one of those who are either in the process of or have just moved from BW to BO, a SAC migration may seem unmanageable or unnecessary, at least for the time being. Therefore, in the figure above, we have also tried to show how some of your BW features can be used in BO. You can read more about the new functionalities in BO 4.3.


BO & SAC – the hybrid model

If you have the courage to take SAC closer into use, but are not quite ready for a full SAC migration, SAP has fortunately also made a hybrid solution possible. At Innologic, we see examples of customers who want to continue in the report formats that live in BO and combine it with what SAC can offer in terms of look and feel. Other customers want a fresher start and thus do not want to bring reports into SAC, but instead let the business build completely new reports from scratch within SAC.