Are you considering moving to S/4HANA while having a SAP BW-system?
Then you must be aware of how your SAP BW on premise installation may be affected.

At Innologic, we emphasize SAP Note 2500202, when estimating the impact a S/4HANA migration may have on the customer’s BI environment.

In most installations, we see both SAP Business Content data sources and custom data sources. That’s why we recommend the customer complete a S/4 impact assessment. It consists of:

    • Review of the SAP Business Content data sources that the business actively uses (SAP Note 2500202 is used here). The output from this step is a list of whitelisted data sources.
    • Review of the custom data sources that the business actively uses. This gives an understanding of the necessary test effort to make sure that these data sources can continue to exist in the new S/4HANA environment.

We also recommend checking how much the individual data sources are being used actively.

Innologic can assist you in getting an overview of which of your custom data sources will be affected by a S/4HANA migration.

With S/4HANA, data is also going to look different. That’s why it adds value to review these changes at an info provider level, which typically demands a more comprehensive examination of the BW platform – preferably complemented by S/4HANA blueprint documentation.

S/4HANA can give you new opportunities, so good luck with the transformation! If you need help or sparring, feel free to contact us.


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