Analyze your SAP BW extractors before moving to S/4HANA


Are you considering changing from S/4HANA while still having a SAP BW-system? Then you have to be aware of how your SAP BW-on premise installation can be affected.

At Innologic we like SAP Note 2500202, when estimating which affect our customer can expect on their BI environment.

In most installations we both experience SAP Business Content Datasources & Custom Datasources. That’s why we recommend S/4 impact assessment. It consists of:

  • Reviews of the SAP Business content Datasources which the business actively uses (SAP Note 2500202 is used here). The output form this step is a list of whitelisted data sources.
  • Review of the Custom Data sources the business actively uses. This gives an understanding of the necessary test effort to make sure that theese data sources can keep existing with S/4HANA in the bottom.

Also make sure check how much the individual data sources are being used actively.

Innologic can help you develop an overview of which of your custom data sources will or won’t be interrupted by S/4HANA

With S/4HANA data is also going to look different. That’s why it adds value to review these changes at an info provider level, which typically demands are a more comprehensive examination of the platform – preferably complemented by S/4HANA blueprint documentation.

Med S/4HANA vil data også komme til at se anderledes ud. Derfor giver det værdi at reviewe disse ændringer  på Infoprovider niveau, hvilket typisk kræver en mere omfattende platformsgennemgang af SAP BW installationen – gerne suppleret af S/4HANA blueprint dokumentation.

S/4HANA can give you my new opportunities so good luck with the transformation! And if you need help or feedback feel free to contact us.